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Midwest Bank of Western Illinois

Make Business Banking Easier with
EZ Scan 24!     

The time and inconvenience required to deposit checks on time is a daily challenge for many businesses…Midwest Bank has the business solution that can save you time and money. 

EZ Scan 24 is a remote deposit capture system that allows businesses the ability to scan and image the front and back of checks in their deposit.  Once the items are scanned, the images and electronic deposit ticket are sent to Midwest Bank for credit to your account, and further processing to the Fed.  All this is performed right from your business location or back-office and your employees never have to come to the bank!  No more trips to the branch, waiting in line or playing “beat the clock”! 

Benefits of EZ Scan 24 are:

  • Secure, convenient and accurate
  • Saves your business time
  • Saves your business money
  • Improves cash flow and funds availability with expanded cutoff times
  • Employees can make deposits 24 hours a day without leaving the business
  • Reduces risk
  • Improves management control
  • Deposits can be made to multiple accounts
  • Permanent electronic file of all checks and deposits for ease of retention and research capabilities

For more information or to elevate your business to the next level,
see one of the EZ Scan team members!

Any information sent to the bank via email is not encrypted and we caution anyone sending email not to send any confidential data.

Jackie Flater, AVP Electronic Banking,  Monmouth (309) 457-6228 jflater@mbwi.com
Lance Oetting, VP Commerical Lending, Monmouth (309) 341-2274  loetting@mbwi.com
Rex Johnson, VP Lending,  Aledo (309) 582-5365 rjohnson@mbwi.com
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