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Midwest Bank of Western Illinois

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At Midwest Bank, we value your privacy and online safety. Please note that any information sent to the bank via email is not encrypted and we caution anyone sending email not to send any confidential data. To send us confidential information securely, please scroll down to the link below at the bottom of the page.

Midwest Bank Officers

Christopher J. Gavin, President and CEO cgavin@mbwi.com (309) 457-6227
Amanda Campbell, VP and CFO amandal@mbwi.com  (309) 457-6247
Matt Gillen, Senior VP Lending and CCO mgillen@mbwi.com (309) 457-6221
Terri Hippen, VP Marketing and HR terrih@mbwi.com (309) 457-6259
Aaron Jensen, VP and COO ajensen@mbwi.com (309) 457-6226
Debbie Anderson, BSA Officer & Audit Assistant danderson@mbwi.com (309) 734-2265
Marcy Anderson, VP Information Systems marcya@mbwi.com (309) 457-6250
Dan Ashton, AVP Trust Administration dashton@mbwi.com (309) 457-6220
Lori Austin, AVP Branch Manager-Oquawka laustin@mbwi.com   (309) 867-2441
Sara Bockelman, VP Marketing sara@mbwi.com (309) 457-6282
Laurie Bodeen, Human Resources Officer lbodeen@mbwi.com (309) 457-6276
Jackie Burnett, Internal Auditor jburnett@mbwi.com (309) 457-6223
Adam Carlson, Trust Operations Officer adam@mbwi.com (309) 457-6256
Kathy Cavanaugh, VP Retail Lending kcavanaugh@mbwi.com (309) 457-6231
Dina Chick, Bookkeeping Manager dinac@mbwi.com (309) 457-6273
Brent Dugan, VP Consumer Banking brent@mbwi.com (309) 457-6229
Jackie Flater, VP Electronic Banking jflater@mbwi.com (309) 457-6228
Rachel Gibson, Branch Manager-Venture Plaza rgibson@mbwi.com (309) 734-6679
Cindy Helvick, AVP Branch Manager-Galesburg chelvick@mbwi.com (309) 341-2274
Rex Johnson, VP and Mercer Co. Market President rjohnson@mbwi.com  (309) 582-5365
Derrick Johnston, AVP Commercial Lending derrick@mbwi.com (309) 457-6240
Steve Lanham, Network Operations Officer lanham@mbwi.com (309) 457-6285
Rick Lasek, VP and Quad City Market President rick@mbwi.com (309) 373-4222
Kim McKeown, Executive Secretary kim@mbwi.com (309) 457-6267
Kevin Murk, AVP Consumer Lending kmurk@mbwi.com (309) 457-6235
Lance Oetting, VP and Knox Co. Market President loetting@mbwi.com (309) 341-2274
Blake Rappenecker, AVP Consumer Lending blake@mbwi.com (309) 457-6234
Christy Shelton, Consumer Loan Officer cshelton@mbwi.com (309) 582-5365

 To send us confidential information securely, please click here.

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