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Midwest Bank of Western Illinois

Trust Farm Management

Midwest Bank offers the ideal farm management system. Midwest Bank combines the expertise of a farm management committee with marketing research provided by Pro Farmer, years of experience in agricultural operations and the commitment to personal service.

  • Continuity - Farm management committee ensures inputs from all areas of expertise.
  • Grain Marketing - Improved marketing plans through information provided by Pro Farmer.
  • Business Management - Objective management on operations and inputs into your farm.
  • Innovation - Researching new techniques and products for improved yield and cost savings.
  • Cash Management - Computer based record keeping and investment management of cash and capital.

Contact Us at

Any information sent to the bank via email is not encrypted and we caution anyone sending email not to send any confidential data.

Aaron Jensen
Vice President and Senior Trust Officer, (309) 457-6226    ajensen@mbwi.com

Dan Ashton
Trust Administration Officer, (309) 457-6220   dashton@mbwi.com

Adam Carlson
Trust Operations Officer, (309) 457-6256  adam@mbwi.com

Matt Gillen
Senior Vice President of Lending, (309) 457-6221  mgillen@mbwi.com

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