Midwest Bank SHAZAMChek VISA Debit Card and Mobile Wallets

It’s safe, quick and easy! It’s the way to pay!

Cash in on the convenience with your Midwest Bank SHAZAMChek VISA Card.  Our debit card offers you the convenience of a checking account with the added value of safety and ease of record keeping. 

Your SHAZAMChek VISA Card:

  • Welcome at places that won’t accept checks                                    
  • Saves you money-no need to buy printed checks
  • Faster and easier than writing checks
  • Safer than carrying large amounts of cash
  • Can be used at millions of merchants and ATMs around the world
  • Offers all the features of credit card flexibility

Mobile Wallet Enrollment

Midwest Bank's fastest way to pay! Midwest Bank SHAZAMChek VISA Debit Cards can be added to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay for easy use at retailers accepting mobile wallet payments.

Contact a Midwest Bank customer service representative for assistance in setting up your Midwest Bank SHAZAMChek VISA Debit Card in a mobile wallet!

EMV Chip Cards

Midwest Bank SHAZAMChek VISA Debit Cards are issued with EMV technology – simple and easy!

  • Global standard for card payments utilizing embedded chip technology
  • EMV technology reduces card fraud resulting from counterfeit, lost and stolen cards
  • Can be used via Contact or Contactless
  • Two step process at checkout: card reading and transaction verification
  • Card is inserted in terminal slot  instead of swiped
  • Worldwide acceptance

Instant Issue Debit Cards

Midwest Bank now offers even more convenience to our customers by offering our SHAZAMChek Instant Issue VISA Debit Cards!  Instant issue debit cards allow us to provide our customers with new or replacement cards on the spot at our Main Bank and several other branch locations.  7 different images are available for your choosing!  Stop by or call for full details.