What would your business do with over $400k?

That's the average payroll tax refund amount our SMB clients have receieved.

If your business kept employees on payroll during the pandemic, it may qualify for up to $26k per employee through the Employee Tax Credit (ERC). The ERC is a refundable tax credit created out of the CARES Act to help SMBs.

Qualify Now

How it Works

Step 1

Answer a few questions about your business.

Step 2

A Refund Specialist will assess how much your business is eligble for.

Step 3

Your paperwork is filed with the government then you get your refund.

You can still qualify if:

Your business stayed open or increased profits during COVID
Whether or not your business received PPP funding
Your CPA suggested that your business would not qualify

Benefits you'll love

With a team of Refund Specialists, Lawyers, and CPAs, our partner, Innovation Refunds, makes it easy to claim your businesses refund. Plus enjoy the benefits of:

No Upfront Cost

Don't pay a penny until your check arrives. Find out if your business qualifies at no cost.

Full Service

You'll be assigned your own Refund Specialist for the entire process.

Network of Professionals

Tax Attorneys and CPAs with vast ERC experience review, prepare, and submit your application to the IRS.

Ready To Claim Your Refund?

The period to apply for the ERC is scheduled to end. The longer you wait, the less your refund will be.