Personal Loans

We have numerous types of personal loans available, ranging from debt consolidation, to education, to almost any personal reason. These loans are available with a simple application process, and depending on applicant qualifications, can be obtained with or without collateral.

Automobile Loans

Are you looking for financing for that new or used car you have been wanting to purchase? Or do you simply want to look at refinancing your current automobile loan at a lower interest rate? Our lender contacts are waiting to discuss your auto loan needs with you. Not only can they figure a payment for you, but they can also give you an idea of what price range you can afford in your current situation. They also have the necessary information available to give you the book value of the vehicle you are purchasing or trading in. If car loan options have you confused, please call our lender contacts today to receive professional assistance with this important decision.

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Student Loans

Midwest Bank offers iHELP student loans to help our customers achieve a higher education without being overwhelmed by the costs.


Achieving your higher education?  Apply for an iHELP loan to meet the funding gap between your college costs and other available forms of financial aid. 

The iHELP private student loan program is brought to you by a network of community banks. The iHELP student loan provides students and their families a way to cover the gap between the cost of education and other financial resources such as scholarships, grants and federal student loans.

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Is your debt payoff overwhelming?  iHelp Student Loan Consolidation will allow you to consolidate your Private Student Loans to save money and simplify your life.   

Through iHELP’s Private Student Loan Consolidation program you can:

  • Reduce multiple private loans into one single monthly payment to simplify your payments & help budgeting.
  • Apply to release your cosigner after 24 consecutive months of on time payments. Additional qualifying criteria apply.
  • Choose from great Fixed or Variable rates.

What does it take to qualify to consolidate your Private Student Loans?

  • Graduation from an iHELP Private Student Loan Consolidation eligible school
  • Qualifying credit history and income level or have a qualifying cosigner.
  • Private Student Loans totaling from $10,000 to $150,000 for undergraduate borrowers and up to $250,000 for graduate borrowers.

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